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Monday, 23 January 2012

Kate Crane's Calendar Challenge

My friend Katrina has been doing Kate Crane's Calendar Challenge and has completed some lovely pages.   I decided, as it is January I would have a go myself.  I saw Kate's page on her blog and loved it, the grey colours make it look so wintry and when I saw snowy Fran I just had to get her!!

My new stamp arrived from A Sprinkle of Imagination on Saturday which mean't I could get to work creating.  I had to have the grey background in various shades and used Fran in the corner like Kate (sorry Kate I had to copy this but I loved the page so much!)

Looking forward to doing the February page.


  1. This looks fab! I'm not surprised you had to have Snowy Fran - she's lovely isn't she?! Thanks for joining the challenge - so pleased to have you playing along for 2012. Looking forward to seeing more of your pages through the year :-)

  2. Great wintery spread!