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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jane Davenport Stencils

Whilst I was at the Just Scrapbooking weekend in June I grabbed some of the Jane Davenport "Jane" stencils by Artistcellar as I thought they would be good to go along with my girl stamps and drawing class.  Got to have a play with them on Saturday at Bristol Scrappers after watching one of Jane's videos on how to use them.  I was right, they are good fun and a great way to get a face without the pressures of having to draw it yourself!

I used book text, gelatos and acrylic paints with a flower stencil for the background, inked through the stencil then painted in the hair, I went over the hair with another stencil and acrylic paint, it was so easy to do, you can get the stencils here and try them out.

This is what I came up with, completely inspired by the Jane Davenport video, I love how she draws in the hair.

I'm off to Cornwall soon so will be taking a few of the stencils and crafting supplies just in case in have a wet day!


  1. This page is beautiful, have a good holiday, hope the sunshine continues to shine for you. Ah but then not art time??? Difficult one !!

  2. Oooh ... love this lovely lady! Really gorgeous Sue. Have a gr8 holiday. xx