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Thursday, 4 July 2013

FACEcinating Girls with Andrea Gomoll

Whilst rummaging through art journalling videos on YouTube for inspirations, I came across a video by Andrea Gomoll using a picture of a bird which she painted over, very inspiring techniques and some lovely soothing music playing in the background!

Having looked up her website I found a class she was running called FACEcinating Girls, the course runs over three weeks and includes about 30 videos from the basics, shading the girls, backgrounds and putting it all together.  You also get a cute little set of stamps which gives you two different styles of eyes, noses and lips.  The stamps really help give you confidence in sketching the girls which are a whimsical style.

The first week taught us how to stamp the features then draw in the face and hair, our homework was to practice sketching, I did have a go at shading with gelatos!  The gelatos didn't blend well on the paper so I painted her face with gesso, she ended up looking like she'd had a terrible burn!  I persevered with the colours, gave her big red checks and she didn't come out too bad, needs lots and lots of practice though!!!

Here are my girls so far....



And the shading ...

I will persevere !!!!

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