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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Canvas Art

Some more Donna Downey inspiration!  I signed up for her class for 2012 which is called Canvas Art (can be found here and is a series of 12 workshops with a different canvas each month incorporating different techniques.  This month was a layered background, Donna did use some masking tape on hers for texture but it didn't really work on mine so I have left it out.  She showed us how to make a flower using a rounded paint brush with gesso then going over with acrylic paint.  Then the scary bit, after you have painted everything you get to write over it with india ink!

Some photo's of my finished canvas below.  Hope you like it.

Painting the Background

Adding the flower

Detail of the flower

The Finished Canvas


1 comment:

  1. Lovely canvas :)
    Sue - I sat next to you at Donna's workshops and tried emailing you, but it failed so must have taken your email address down wrong!
    Just wondering if you fancied getting together for some crafting sometime?