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Monday, 6 October 2014

Finnabair Workshops

Last weekend I took two great classes organised by Tracey Hudson with the very talented Anna Dabrowska aka Finnabair at Ansty Hall in Coventry.

The journey to the hotel seemed to take forever, lots of roadworks and traffic, the sat nav arrival time seemed to be going up before my eyes!  Eventually I reached the hotel to meet up with Alexa, check in and get some dinner.

The Saturday started early with breakfast then met up with the other ladies to start the first class at 9.30 am.  Each class was 4 hours, she worked us hard but somehow managed to kept everyone at the same point.  The morning class was a layout using lots of metal embellishments, inks and paints.

We had a break for lunch which was baked potatoes, soups and salads, once we were all fed and watered we headed back for the second 4 hour class.

In the afternoon class we made a shadow box from a canvas, used fabrics and lace for the background, then covered this with inks, added the embellishments and the chipboard rocking horse.

Another stop now for dinner with all the ladies staying over night.  We had another canvas we could work on after dinner with the techniques we had learnt through the day.

Some photos of my finished projects: -

My goodie bad and kit for the first class

Layout from first class

Me with my layout

Shadow Box with chipboard horse

Evenings free project

Me, Alexa and Finn

Alexa outside Ansty Hall
Had a great time on both of these classes, look forward to Finn coming back again!


  1. Wow! That must have been awesome! Your layout is stunning with all that metal and inks. Lucky you to have gone to these workshops. I love your shadowbox too. It's all beautiful! Well done!

    1. Thanks Lisca, it was good fun, really pleased with my finished projects. Hoping I can do another class with her next year. x