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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Long time since I've quilted!

I haven't done any patchwork or quilting for quite some time, years in fact!  My best friend celebrated a special birthday this year, I usually do a life scrapbook album but not having access to any of her early life photo's I decided to make a memory quilt with pictures I already had.  I used the printable cotton which was amazing, just put it straight through the printer, cut round, peel off the back and it's ready to be sewn.  I printed photo's of her wedding, her babies when they were born, toddlers and the age they are now, plus photo's of things we have done, our holiday group photo in Florida and not forgetting her dog Jenny.

I didn't have too long to get the quilt done once I had decided to do it, so I stuck to 6 x 4 pieces to match the photograph sizes, and stitched them together in rows.

The stipple quilting was done on the sewing machine.  The binding took me just as long to hand sew it on as it did to make the quilt top!

She was really pleased with it when she opened it up on her Birthday.

Here it is...

Feel inspired to do some more now, or finish some off!!


  1. Such a lovely idea. You friend will treasure it I am sure.

  2. Looks great Sue. Hurray for quilting!

  3. What a lovely memory and a great gift. :)