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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Scrappy Day

I had a lovely day yesterday at The Stamp Attic in Wantage, I met up with my friend Alexa, as she lives so far away we don't get to make mischief very often!!  The Stamp Attic is kind of in the middle for us to meet up, as well as a great place to shop, so we took advantage of Wendy's crop day, Penny Kafai held a layout class for a couple of hours, the rest of the day we could stay and play.

This is the layout we did on the day.

The rest of the day I worked on another layout and a journal page, plus some chatting and tea drinking!

The journey home however was a bit more of a challenge, after joining the motorway in the pouring rain, I was overtaking a lorry in the middle lane when the windscreen wiper on the drivers side decided to stop working, eek, it's only a small MG so I could kind of lean over and see out the passenger side. I had to pull over very near a motorway junction and phone home for instructions on how to fix it!!  Lorries were whizzing past very fast so I pulled off the motorway still leaning over to the passenger side and ended up on a dual carriageway, found a small driveway I could pull in to.

Got the bonnet open and the joint back together, as I was pulling out it broke again, fixed it and managed to get back on the motorway, it went again!  After phoning home for more help, I was told that a cable tie or elastic band would hold it, lucky I had my trusty crafting tool box with me and had a couple of elastic bands. Risking life and limb on the hard shoulder I finally managed to get the elastic bands in place all the while very large lorries were whizzing very speedily past my bottom which was sticking out from under the bonnet, I was pretty wet by now!

My trusty elastic bands did the job, only using the wipers sparingly I made it home, must remember to put my pink toolkit back in the car!!

Hasn't deterred me though, booked another class at the shop in September using the lovely JOFY stamps, looking forward to that one.


  1. Love the L.O, wow what a dangerous journey home! Glad you got home safe.

  2. Poor bottom - got rather wet!!! You just can't be trusted out in your own ... You'll do anything for attention!! Loved our day together - can't wait for our Jofy day. Xx